High-Fidelity 3D Digital Human Creation from RGB-D Selfies

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  • Xiangkai Lin*, Yajing Chen*, Linchao Bao*, Haoxian Zhang, Sheng Wang,

  • Xuefei Zhe, Xinwei Jiang, Jue Wang, Dong Yu, Zhengyou Zhang

  • (*Equal Contribution)



We present a fully automatic system that can produce high-fidelity, photo-realistic 3D digital human characters with a consumer RGB-D selfie camera. The system only needs the user to take a short selfie RGB-D video while rotating his/her head, and can produce a high quality reconstruction in less than 30 seconds. Our main contribution is a new facial geometry modeling and reflectance synthesis procedure that significantly improves the state-of-the-art. Specifically, given the input video a two-stage frame selection algorithm is first employed to select a few high-quality frames for reconstruction. A novel, differentiable renderer based 3D Morphable Model (3DMM) fitting method is then applied to recover facial geometries from multiview RGB-D data, which takes advantages of extensive data generation and perturbation. Our 3DMM has much larger expressive capacities than conventional 3DMM, allowing us to recover more accurate facial geometry using merely linear bases. For reflectance synthesis, we present a hybrid approach that combines parametric fitting and CNNs to synthesize high-resolution albedo/normal maps with realistic hair/pore/wrinkle details. Results show that our system can produce faithful 3D characters with extremely realistic details. Code and the constructed 3DMM is publicly available.

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